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As we all know the word TECHNOLOGY refers to the ability of Human Beings to make things that sustain them and give them some control over their environment. These played a major role in human development from early times. The technology which is available during the beginning of human understanding and development is consisted primarily of the ability to make tools. By creating such tools, humans coped up easily in their environment and also a means of survival.
The first tools which is discovered during the development were made by grinding two stones together to make a sharp edge on one of them. Flint, which is a very hard stone was used by early people to make tools. Hand Axes of different kinds made by chipping away flakes to make a pointed tool with one or more cutting edges were the most common. Eventually axes were set into wooden handles, making them easier to use. By attaching wooden poles to spear points and hardening the tips in fire, humans created  spears that gave them the ability to hunt and kill large animals.

Over a very long period of time, tool technology evolved. Wherein the movement toward even smaller stone points and blades. Microliths were tiny stone blades that could be mounted in wooden or bone handles. Damage blades could then be required by replacing a new one, prolonging the life of the tool itself. Bones and antlers were also used for making a great variety of tools. Bones could be also used ti make harpoons in catching fish. Near the end of the Paleolithic Period, there is an evidence of even more refining tools, especially bone needles. Needles formed an animal bones could be used for making nets and baskets and even sewing hides together for clothing.

The first tools used served a variety of purposes. Humans used stone weapons to kill animals and butcher their meat. Other sharped edged tools were used for cutting plants, digging up roots from the soil, and cutting branches for building simple shelters. Scraping tools were also used to clean animal hides for clothing and shelter.

Tools used during the stone Age
Making of weapons during the stone age
Stone Age Weapons

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